At one time, the term “telecommunications” denoted the long-distance connection that linked television networks to their affiliates and the long-distance connections that linked telephone networks to local switching centers. Telecommunications applied both to AT&T’s long-distance telephone network and to the television industry’s worldwide networks—but each used very different technologies to transmit voice or video. Now with the rapid growth of the Internet, telecommunications has expanded to include data networks. The newest technologies in telecommunications are wireless devices and handhelds and wireless data plans.

How to Start a Conversation in 10 Easy Ways

So many people worry about how to start a conversation. It makes them feel anxious and afraid. Are you one of those people who keep your fingers crossed that someone will come up to you and speak because you would never make the first move in a conversation in a million years?

You can put all that behind you with you a few easy steps. Starting a conversation is not difficult if you know how to do it…

1. Consider what you want from the conversation

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Communication – Your Key to Success

If there is one skill that can get you far in life no matter what it is you wish to achieve or better yourself at, it’s the skill of being able to communicate efficiently. It don’t matter whether you wish to get ahead in the business world or develop a lasting and meaningful relationship; good communication skills are a must and are the key to your success. Here are some tips to help you develop your communication skills.

Developing good communication skills is more than just being able to talk or the contents of what you are saying. Good communication is made up of three main factors, expressive skills, listening skills and successfully managing those skills together.

Expressive skills are what you use to get what you are saying across to others. They can help to bring out information about behavior, feelings, beliefs and intentions. If you combine emotional skills with these then these can help to bring out things that need to be said but which are often difficult to express in just words.

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Fax to Email – The Smart Way to Receive Faxes

In these days of email, voicemail and text messages, it’s amazing that the humble fax is still an integral and important part of the way many businesses operate. Indeed, the very nature of some businesses necessitates receiving a great many faxes that must be delivered to the correct recipient and promptly actioned before being accurately filed.

Many businesses that are obliged to use faxes are doing so because they are receiving legal documents, which by their very nature usually run to dozens of pages. Often only a few pages of a long document actually need printing. Regardless, the fax machine prints out all these documents in full.

If your business is one of those that rely heavily on fax, you will probably be all too aware of other shortcomings too:

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Text Messaging and the Growth of the SMS Service

Short Message Service or text messaging has been around for a while. Having been around for almost three decades since its inception in the early eighties, it has only been in the last couple of years that text messaging has become a viable alternative to voice calls to communicate with others. The fact that a couple of years ago text messaging was not part of the services offered by telecommunications companies, consequently advances in wireless and cellular technology has transformed it as a cash cow for telecommunication companies and eventually into a multi-billion dollar industry and has made the SMS service a staple for telecommunications providers. Indeed the phenomenal growth of the SMS service has helped telecommunications companies, since maintenance of the service is minimal and the return of investment from charges collected for the service are exponentially high.

However not only is text messaging a moneymaker for telecommunications companies it can also be a means for other business aside from telecommunications companies to earn as well as to market their products. The SMS service, much like the email can be handily used to advertise, promote and market a product or service, and also in other instances basically just to spam. And with more and more mobile phone users almost every year, making use of the text messaging service is definitely a viable option for companies to be able to spread word about their products. Aside from the fact that there are a lot of mobile phone users who use the service or who have phones that would be able to send and receive text messages, text messaging is essentially cheaper. So that would mean a lower cost to advertise and market the product and a higher return of investment and consequently resulting in higher profit margins for companies.

Another thing going for the growth of the SMS service is the simplicity of the service. In fact because of this simplicity the popularity of the service has skyrocketed to the stratosphere in most countries. Elementary school kids, young urban professionals, even senior citizens know how to text, in some cases, text messages or messages through SMS has also become the major mode of communication used by the youth of today. Social networking sites like Facebook and twitter have actually incorporated the SMS service into their systems so that the user could update his or her Facebook status, or twit about his or her tiring day at the office, without the user getting near a desktop or laptop computer. Truly with the advances in technology resulting in better network coverage by telecommunication companies, the coverage of the text messaging service would get bigger and better. So from its humble and discrete beginnings around twenty or thirty something years ago, to its popular and ubiquitous use today, the SMS service has really come a long way. From providing an alternative to voice calls now it is the perfect compliment to the services being offered by telecommunications companies. Yes the SMS service has come a long way, and also still has a long way to go.

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